How to Play

how to PLAY


This document will explain all you need to know to be able to register for and play games with Switch On Sport.  It will guide you through all the steps necessary to make the most of your Switch On Sport gaming experience. 

Consoles and games

Switch On Sport supports both XBOX and PlayStation consoles. Games include FIFA22, Rocket League among others.


To start your Switch On Sport gaming experience you must first register as a player. From the home page, click on the “Sign Up” panel (left-hand side). This should take you to the User Registration form. Enter your details into the form. The fields marked with a red asterix (*) are necessary fields, meaning they must be filled out. From the “Select a season” dropdown menu, simply select which console you will be using to play your games. Once you have read the Terms and Conditions and are ready to submit the form, click on the “SIGN UP TODAY” button.


Once you’ve registered, you’re now able to join a tournament, although, you may wish to browse through the tournaments before you join one. To see a list of tournaments, navigate to the “PLAY NOW ” dropdown and, from there, select “Tournaments”. This should provide you with a list of tournaments. To view a tournament, click on the “VIEW TOURNAMENT” link. When viewing a tournament you are able to see the number of participants as well as the brackets (upcoming matches). Some tournaments will have players and matches within them, however, some others won’t.


Competitions typically have 2-3 rounds. In order to play within a competition you will have to keep in mind the competition score submission date. You will have to submit your scores prior to this date/time in order to continue to participate within the tournament. To view the score submission date for a tournament navigate to that tournament page and see the countdown timer.


When you’re ready to play and have found a tournament to join, navigate to the home page and then to the “UPCOMING TOURNAMENTS” section. From there you can join a tournament. Click on “JOIN NOW” to join a tournament. Note that once you’ve joined a tournament you are also able to leave it by clicking the “LEAVE” button. This leave button should be in the same place as the “JOIN NOW” button.


Once you have played your match, you are now ready to submit your scores. To submit your scores, first navigate to the tournament which contains the match you just played in. This can be done by first visiting the “PLAY NOW” dropdown and then selecting “Tournaments”. Click on  the tournament you wish to submit scores for. Click on the match/fixture you wish to submit scores for. Once you are in the fixture view submit your (and your opponent’s) results by inputting them in the “My Results” section of the fixture/match page.

viewing fixtures & contacting your opponent

View your fixtures by visiting the page of the comp & group you have joined. View current comps here. Contact your opponent by adding them on your console through their gamer tag present on the competition brackets. You can also contact them via Discord. Additional details can be viewed by clicking on their name / gamer tag which will bring up their ‘profile page’.

opponent doesn't reply before the deadline or show for a game

If your opponent doesn’t reply before the deadline or show for a game at the time you decided, inform the admin asap and send us a screenshot of your conversation / attempted conversation.

Discord Admin & Mods: Aadil | Switch On Sport,

Help email: