1. Entry to Switch on Sport competitions is open to all Western Australian residents. 
  2. Competitions will be for either FIFA21 or Rocket League. To join a competition, players must enter one of the groups for their preferred system (e.g ‘FIFA21 Junior PS4 Group A’). The first half of the competition will consist of a league format where each player in each group plays each other twice. The second half will consist of knockout play-offs which winners of the league groups will be invited to separately.
  3. A competitor may enter more than one competition but may not enter multiple leagu.e groups within the same competition.
  4. The conferences will be split into divisions based on factors deemed relevant by Switch on Sport.
  5. Competitors in Under 18 divisions must be 17 or younger at some point in the year the competition is held.
  6. Competitors in an Under 18 division may also enter an open division if one is available in the same competition.
  7. Switch on Sport will determine the number of groups and the number of competitors in each competition group based on how many entries it receives.
  8. In the league format, teams will be awarded three points for a win, one point for a draw and no points for a loss.
  9. If teams are level on the ladder at the end of the group fixtures, positions will be determined by goal difference. If this does not split them then they will play a tiebreaker and, if necessary, a second tiebreaker.
  10. After completion of the group stages, the competition will become a straight knockout. Each group winner will play a team which finished second from a different group in the opening knockout round. After that fixtures will be determined in a “free” draw.
  11. Switch on Sport will determine the number of rounds and the number of byes to be included based on the number of entries received.
  1. During the group stage Switch on Sport will provide each competitor with the details of their fellow group members so they can arrange their matches. 
  2. Switch on Sport will set a time limit for the completion of each match.  
  3. Competitors will be responsible for ensuring that they have played each member of their group. 
  4. In the finals knockout stage competitors have until midnight on the day following the draw to complete their assigned match. 
  5. If a match is not completed within the time limit then the result will be recorded as a forfeit against both players unless: 
  6. The failure to complete the match is not the fault of one competitor, in which case a forfeit will be entered for the other team; or 
  7. The failure to complete the match is the fault of neither competitor, in which case Switch on Sport can provide an extension of time in order to complete the match. 
  8. Following the group stages, Switch on Sport will set a date and time for each match to allow for it to be livestreamed
  1. Each competitor is responsible for ensuring that they have access to the required equipment to enter the tournament. 
  2. The tournament will require hardware as specified on each tournament information page. the conference which is to be entered. 
  3. An internet connection will be required. 
  4. Switch on Sport will not provide any of the required equipment and is not responsible for damage to any of the equipment.
  1. The settings for each match are as follows: 
  2. FIFA21:
    • Game Mode: Friendly 
    • Match Length: 6 Minute Halves 
    • Difficulty: World Class 
    • Injuries: On 
    • Offside: On 
    • Handball: Off 
  3. Rocket League
    • Games to be setup through private matches. One player is to act as the host and will contact the other player with the private match details.
    • Cross-platform play must be enabled via the options menu.
    • Private match settings:
    • Mode: SOCCAR
    • Team Size: 1v1
    • Bot Difficulty: No bots
    • Arena: DFH Stadium
    • Mutator settings
    • Match time: 5 minutes.
    • All other settings as per defaults.
    • Region: Oceania
  4. In the event of a draw in a knockout match, the game will be decided by: 
  5. Restarting the match until one player scores a goal (golden goal) to win the game; or 
  6. Playing extra time and penalties, but only within the same match, i.e. the game cannot be restarted in a different mode to allow this to take place. 
  7. If there is no golden goal in the second match then the game will be restarted again and the golden goal rule shall apply in the third and any subsequent matches. 
  8. Competitors may select any club team to control during their match. For clarity, a club team means a club side that completes in any country’s league but does not include international sides (such as Australia) (International Teams are allowed for the FIFA 21 League Cup with Escape Portal) or FIFA 21 generated squads (such as the Classic XI). Players who breach this rule in the will forfeit the match.  
  9. If both competitors agree, the match may be played between the competitors’ FIFA Ultimate Teams (FUT). 
  10. However, if one player declines to use FUT then neither can use it and the game must be played with club teams. 
  11. If a competitor experiences connection interruptions during a match, they may abandon the match during the first half and restart the match at a later time. If a competitor does so and the match is not completed within the time limit they are deemed to have forfeited the match. 
  12. If the connection is interrupted during the second half during a match and the competitor who disconnected is unable to make contact with the other competitor subject to paragraph 9, or complete the match, within the next 30 minutes will forfeit the match. The competitor who did not disconnect will be declared the winner, or the result of the match will stand, whichever disadvantages that competitor the least.
  13. If a competitor presents proof that contact was made with their opponent within the 30 minutes required Switch on Sport may elect to require that the match is replayed in full.
  1. Following completion of the match both competitors must take a screenshot or photograph of the result and enter the result and the photograph on the Switch on Sport match page.
  2. Both players must enter the result and results must be confirmed by midnight on the day that the match is played, or as otherwise agreed by Switch on Sport moderators.  
  3. A match that is decided by golden goal as described in article 4.2 must include a picture of the match result screens showing a draw as well as the screen showing the goal scored during the golden goal match. 
  4. The results must be entered on the Switch on Sport website by midnight of the day on which the match is completed. 
  5. Switch on Sport will have final say if there is a dispute about the result. 
  1. The competition may be livestreamed on a competitor’s personal channel or YouTube page but the title of the stream must contain the name ‘Switch on Sport’ and the title of the competition. 
  2. Notice should be sent to Switch on Sport indicating that the match is intended to be livestreamed. 
  3. Each match beginning in the knockout stage onwards will be livestreamed on the Football West Twitch account or the Switch on Sport Twitch Account. 
  4. Switch on Sport may elect to stream any other match during the competition. 
  1. Switch on Sport has delegated the enforcement of disciplinary matters to Football West.
  2. Clubs and Competitors should be aware that the Football West Code of Conduct and the Disciplinary and Grievance Regulations apply to this competition. 
  3. Football West may also take action if it has reason to believe that any conduct bringing the tournament into disrepute has taken place. 
  4. Football West and Switch on Sport have complete discretion to determine any matter related to the conduct of the competition. 

For further information on Football West’s Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures, please click here.

For Switch on Sport’s Terms and Conditions, please click here.